Building trust is a process that never ends.

The scholar James Carse, speaking at an East Rock Capital retreat, proposed that there are two types of games: finite games, which are played to be won, and infinite games, in which the goal is to extend the game as long as possible. We see our approach to investing as an infinite game: we aim not simply to win and stop playing, but to bring in more and more players as we continue playing together.

Our core skill as a firm is finding and keeping incredible partners: family clients, investment managers, and our team at East Rock. Our guiding ethos is “let’s make money together”—there’s plenty to go around if we work in the right way with the right people. Our goal is to recruit others to play this infinite game with us.

The highest form of civilization is a seamless web of earned trust among professionals. — Charlie Munger

Our growing team of teams.

Today, we consider East Rock a boundless team of teams, all after a similar goal.  At our 55th and Park Avenue office, we host a variety of investment firms in our network.  They, like us, take immense pleasure in coming in every day and earning more trust.