Cede decision space to access excellence.

When General Stan McChrystal managed special forces units in Afghanistan, he learned that the key to effective leadership was granting team captains the appropriate amount of decision space based on his assessment of their credibility. He used a basic formula: credibility = proven competence + relationships + integrity.

Our investing history has taught us a similar lesson: in order to access what we believe are the best investors and investments in the world, we work to earn decision space from families and then use that decision space to construct creative partnerships with investors who have earned our trust.


We build trust to earn significant decision space from clients.

We are a good fit for clients that…

  • think in generational time scales
  • feel an urgency to drive returns
  • are confident in their ability to assess our prior body of work and thus comfortable allocating a significant portion of their assets to us

Sponsors & Investment Managers

We work tirelessly to earn the right to be the preferred capital source for our investment partners.

Sponsors who have been a good fit for us…

  • recognize the flaws in traditional private equity and hedge fund structures
  • ask for greater control and flexibility in investment size, structure, and time horizon
  • create differentiated deal flow and underwriting
  • are both strategically and operationally focused